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It is crunchy in the outside and chewy in the inside. It has little air pockets that makes it light yet extremely flavorful duo to its unique and simple combination of ingredients. Sold raw and frozen ready to be baked.

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Jalapeño Flavor

The same bread as our traditional but with a hot surprise in the inside. Our stuffed jalapeño might soon become our most popular bread. People love it with their favorite cold drink. Sold raw and frozen. 


Sweet or Savory

You can serve them with your favorite jam or a delicious smoked salmon or whatever you are in a mood for. One of our favorite ways wow our customers is to suggest smoked salmon and a drizzle of truffle oil. We call it a moment of zen.

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Smoked Pepper Buns

Our buns have a mildly spicy and smoky flavor and it is perfect for sandwiches. It comes in different sizes from regular hamburger bun to slider sizes or anything in between. Sold baked ready to be served.


Impossible Meat

The new meat on the block!

People are raving about this combination of yuca, cheese and meatless meat. Impossible to eat just one. Sold raw and frozen.


Fresh Baked

Have it your way! 

They are perfect for gatherings, catering events or just with your favorite drink or meal. Brazilians love it with coffee. All of the small rolls are sold raw and frozen ready to be baked.

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