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What is Yuca root?

If you have ever been to a restaurant and eaten food from central or South America you have possibly seen or heard about yuca root. It is also known as manioc or cassava.

So what is yuca root you may ask?

Good question, let's talk about it.

On the outside, the yuca root almost looks like it is in the sweet potato family with its shape and color but when you pick it up, it has the texture of a tree bark. The skin is thick, rigid, and tough so we definitely do not want to eat that part. The part of the yuca that is consumed is the inside starchy middle. Since the outside skin is so tough it may take a little bit to peel it off but I promise you the hard work is worth it. When you are finally able to cut it open the inside looks like a mixture between a coconut and a potato with its milky white complexion.


The taste is unique all on its own. The yuca root has the same texture and consistency as something from the potato family which means that you can cook them in many different ways just like a potato. While the cooking process may resemble those potato spuds the taste of the two is very different. The yuca root is mildly sweet and has somewhat of a nutty taste and the texture is a little on the grainy side. Yuca has a unique taste all its own; you won’t be quite able to find anything to replicate it. The yuca root is extremely durable, thanks to that thick outer skin. Because of its incredible outer layer, this vegetable can withstand extremely dry weather or even a supremely harsh winter. The yuca root has an abundance of nutritional benefits and is even gluten-free! The yucca root is rich in potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and magnesium. The yuca root also has a secret weapon packed away in it called Choline. Choline is a micronutrient that helps with brain health and memory. With all of these health benefits, the yuca root is definitely something you are going to want to add to your diet! On top of all of the health benefits, it is extremely versatile to cook! Since the yuca has the same texture like a potato you can bake a yuca or even make yuca fries. There is no end as to what you can do with this delicious root vegetable. Since they have similar consistencies the yuca is a perfect substitute for your potatoes at home since as it's higher in fiber and potassium and is fat-free. Yuca is easily found in the vegetable aisle of your local supermarket so this is your sign to go and buy some today.

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