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ABOUT Brazilicious

 Brazilicious is something I have cultivated and designed off of a traditional Brazilian recipe that has been around for centuries called Pão de queijo. Pão de queijo is a cheese bread that originated from Portuguese colonists and has been a part of Brazilian recipes since the 1750s. You know if it's been around for that long, then it must be delicious!  Pão de queijo is a cheesy bread that has a soft inside but a golden and crunchy outside. It’s the perfect combination! What sets this Brazilian bread apart from the rest is that it is made with a very special ingredient called cassava which is another name for the yucca root. By substituting the cassava flour instead of regular flour you have healthier than other bread options.  

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 So where did Pão de queijo come from? It was originally made in Minas Gerais which is a state in Southeastern Brazil. When the mines near Ouro Preto were discovered in that region there were a lot of people and but a lack of flour. So instead of using flour to bake bread, they substituted the flour for cassava since there was so much of it. They would take the yucca root and grind it into a flour consistency, next they would mix in grated cheese, add in the finishing ingredients, and that was how Pão de queijo began.  The Brazilian cheese bread was mostly served when you were having guests over since it was so easy to make and delicious. If you were the host having someone over you would normally be making the bread while you talk with your guests. The reason you wouldn’t make the bread before your guests arrived is that you want this bread to be as fresh and hot as you can when you eat it. The best part, you can pair this with a cup of Brazilian coffee and it is an experience like none other! Since it pairs so well together almost every coffee shop in Brazil carries this delicious Yucca bread.

 Through the years people found different uses and combinations for Pão de queijo. Brazilian cheese bread quickly became the perfect appetizer for any party and is a staple of Brazilian culture. It is so beloved that August 17th is the national day in Brazil to celebrate Pão de queijo. So many different recipes have been created over the years and I am one of those people who has cultivated my own version of Pão de queijo.  My brand of Brazilian cheese bread, Brazilicious, comes straight from my heart. It is a piece of my culture, my heritage, and my own unique style. When you order your Brazilian cheese bread from me you will receive it raw and frozen. I do this in order to continue on with the uniqueness of Pão de queijo and to always enjoy it hot and fresh out of the oven, whether that be with friends, family, or you just want to eat the whole thing yourself.   

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